Additional content & usability improvements

Additional content & usability improvements 

  • New dynamic cohesion balancing system
  • New death menu - ability to reload the level or the anchor save point
  • New voice audio to explain the core concepts in the game. This can be accessed from the evidence menu.

The neural fuse box level

We have reworked this level based on community feedback:

  • New content has been developed to give the level its own sense of character and fit with the narrative. These changes give a better sense of where you are and what you should be doing.
  • Lighting levels have been re-worked.
  • The objectives have been reworked to better explain the level and progression. 
  • Cohesion quantity has been increased

General fixes 

  • Elevator fix - In Toyma Work camp level. 
  • General fixes across the game.

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Version 4 Oct 16, 2018

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